Diversity program

Under CRDO umbrella organization of persons with disabilities, run and controlled by, and representing the voices of persons with disabilities in Pakistan.Along with our members, we believe in, and strive for, the full inclusion of disabled people in society and the workplace. For us, inclusion is a human rights and civil liberties issue that must be effectively tackled. By working in partnership with disabled people’s organizations,(DPO,s) the government and other bodies, we believe that equality can be achieved.

CRDO is of a world where disabled adults and children can enjoy their full human rights and civil liberties; a world where disabled people can fulfil their life ambitions without discrimination, isolation and institutionalization.

CRDO has conducted project evaluation study of “Community Revolving Fund’’ targeting older people of district Nowshera, KPK. The study was conducted with the support of HelpAge International (UK).

We work towards achieving our vision via the following objectives:

  1. Being the national pan impairment umbrella organization which represents the views of its member groups;

  2. Securing effective resources including; knowledge, finance and expertise, that enables us to effectively work towards the attainment of our vision;

  3. Strengthening the role of disabled people’s organizations in Pakistan to promote the rights of persons with disabilities at a local, regional and national level and deliver services which promote independent living;

  4. Working with legislators and policy makers to:

    1. promote civil rights for disabled people and challenge discriminatory practice;

    2. Challenge the effectiveness of services used by disabled people to achieve independent living.

    3. Ensure that they are involving disabled adults and children in decision making processes and that their voice is being heard.

  5. Working with international partners, including JICA ,Motivation UK and DPI:

    1. share good practice across nations;

    2. Become allies in the promotion of human rights and civil liberties of persons with disabilities across the world.

  6. CRDO conducted Disability Inclusive DRR Training: CRDO conducted Disability Inclusive DRR Training with persons with disabilities and civil society organizations with the collaboration of ADTF from 05th to 07th August 2015 at Peshawar. The modules covered in this training are;

  • Understanding the Persons with Disabilities

  • Understanding Hazards, Risks and Vulnerabilities

  • Disability inclusive Hazard and Vulnerability Capacity Assessment – DIHVCA

  • Disability Inclusive Early Warning System – DIEWS

  • Disability Inclusive Shelter Management-DISM

  • Guidelines for working with persons with disabilities

  1. CRDO with University of Peshawar for the rights of Older People: CRDO have organized seminars, workshop and round table with the student association and university teacher association on the rights of older age people. CRDO have mobilized University of Peshawar to carry out researches on person with disabilities.

  2. CRDO with Line Departments and Institutions: CRDO have carried out advocacy and linkage development with Social Welfare Department, BISP, Pakistan Baitulmal, Pakistan National Center for Ageing, ADTF, Sight Savers, STEP, Helpage and WHO for the rights of older age people.

  3. CRDO with Help Age International carried out free eye care camps in District Nowshera as well. For this purpose CRDO was given the sole responsibility to conduct eye care camps. 12 eye screening camps were conducted and 1632 eye patient received primary eye care and ocular medicine. Refraction for vision impaired patients and 442 vision glasses are distributed to eye patients after screening instead of 400. 100 eye patients received cataracts surgeries at Mardan Medical Center Sheikh Maltoon (MMC)


For advocacy with older people CRDO carried out seminars, workshops, round table conferences for the older age people. CRDO met with politicians, member parliaments, lawyers, media, chamber of commerce, civil society and community activists. CRDO has linkages with Older Age Associations of KPK, Baluchistan, Sindh, Punjab, Islamabad and FATA.


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