Promoting Girl child rights

CRDO arranged a seminar session at district level for highlighting the girl child rights day’s importance. Important social personalities, Girls child rights specialist (head of the school), Women counselors and Education Director, were invited to participate, and share their views and thoughts. They also shared their outstanding achievements in the field, Apart from that the seminar served a way forward for highlighting and addressing the issues in future faced by young adolescent girls in accessing their rights. A signatory session (on a large size banner) at the end of seminar was arranged as a commitment by the participants to promote girls rights in their field.

CRDO organized meeting in collaboration with local women organization LWOs. District women government representative and women members of Parliament also attended this discussion. The topics were discussed in the meeting was given bellow:

  • Girl’s child rights

  • Girls Education

  • Discrimination between Genders

  • Gender equality

  • Sexual abuse