Requesting Organisation

CRDO (Community Research and Development Organization)

Allocation type

2nd Standard Fund Allocation 2015

Project Title

To improve access to quality education in protective environment in TDP areas of return Orakzai Agency

Fund Projectcode

PAK-15/DDA-3474/2nd Standard 2015/E/NGO/2175

Actual Date [Start - End]

22/02/2016 - 21/02/2017

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Fata -> Orakzai Agency -> Lower Orakzai

Activity 1.1.1 : To provide safe and child friendly environment for the affected children (returnees and stayees) who are unable to attend schools due to the damages of school infrastructure, the project will establish 20 Temporary Learning Centers (TLCs) along with all necessary education facilities. These 20 TLCs be established in fully damaged Government Primary Schools (50% girls and 50% boys) identified by Agency Education Office (Orakzai Agency) in its Needs Assessment. These TLCs will be established with tented classrooms. The tented classrooms will accommodate maximum 40 students. Keeping in view the strength of the students in the targeted areas, number of tented classrooms will be installed in each TLCs. However, total 40 tented classrooms will be established. Space for the tented classrooms will be identified/finalized with consultation with AEO and TIJs. If the space in damaged schools are not available, communities will be mobilizes for granting the space. The government teacher will be responsible for activation/running of TLCs.

Similarly, these TLCs will be furnished with School-in-a-box (SIB) - The kit will contain supplies and materials for a teacher and up to 40 students. The purpose of the kit is to ensure the continuation of children's education in a safe and conducive environment. Furthermore, Close coordination will be established with other partners working in WASH sector to provide WASH services including installation/construction of latrine in the TLCs facilities.

Activity 1.1.2 : As mentioned in the assessment conducted by Orakzai Agency Education Office, non-existence of teaching and learning material are the key underlying factors that undermine access to education for returning children, therefore, the proposed project will provide educational materials to 20 TLCs and 36 functional or partially damaged schools (50% girls and 50% boys). Thus, this will cover 1600 students (50% girls and 50% boys) in TLCs and 2,880 (50% girls and 50% boys) in functional or partially damaged schools. Similarly, the project will also provide recreational materials to all the targeted students (4,480) of TLCs and functional or partially damage schools. These educational materials will as follows:
A. School-in-a-box (SIB): containing teaching and learning materials. The teaching materials in SIB includes 1) 2 No. scissors, (Household, Stainless Steel, Plastic Covered handle), 2) 2 No. Ball points Pen (Handy, Blue Color), 3) 5 box. Chalk sticks (Dustless, Special Quality (White and color), 4) 01 N0. Black board paint with brush (Synthetic Enamel, Black Board, 250 ML, Suitable for use on metal), 5) 01 No. Brushes (2", Steel Grip, Wooden Handle, Plastic Hair), 6) 01 No. Plastic Teaching Tools 30, 60, 90 and 45-90 triangles, Ruler 100 cm and compass (Multipurpose Teacher Mathematical Instrument Set Including 30, 60, 90 and 45-90 Triangles, D, Compass, 35 cm ruler), 7) 02 No. Duster (14x5x2.5cm, Dual Sid, Chick board inside,), 8) 2 No. Exercise books (Book, exercise, A4, ruled-8mm, 96 pgs), 9)8 No. Flip Charts (Standard), 10) 01 No. Lockable metal box ((89*60*25 cm), GI Sheet 26 Gauge, Lockable, 2 Handles, Two Ply cap, two padlocks,), 11) 1 No. Register books (Attendance Register, Urdu), 12) 01No. Measuring Tape (Inch Tape,), 13) 03 No. Teaching Posters (Posters, plasticized paper, set of three, double- sided, Poster 1: Alphabet and lines, Poster 2: Numbers 0-100 and squares, Poster 3: Times table and world map, physical).
Whereas students learning materials includes 1) 3 No. Crayon (12 Colors), 2) 160 Nos. Exercise books (Book, exercise A 5.5 mm-square, 48 pgs), 3) 80 Nos. Sharpeners (Steel Blade, Plastic Cover), 4) 80 Nos. Erasers (Eraser, soft for pencil), 5) 80 Nos. Pencils (Standard quality), 6) 40 Nos. Rulers (Ruler, plastic, c.14cm), 7) 20 Nos. Safety scissors (Scissors, safety, school, Steel Blade, Plastic Covered), 8) 40 Nos. Students Slates (26x19, double Sided).
B. Students stationaries; the purpose of the provision of students stationary is to overcome the burden of education expenses on parents so that they can afford education of their children. Students stationaries will includes 1) 01 No. school bag, 2) 04 Nos. note books, 3) 01 No. Coloring book, 4) 01) set of stationaries (pencils, sharpener, eraser, ruler and color pencil packet.
C. Recreational Materials: The teacher kits for recreational activities will include 1) 01 No. Pocket Ball points Pen (Standard, clipper), 2) 40 Nos. Exercise books (Book, exercise, A4, ruled-8mm, 96 pages), 3) 03 Nos. Hand Balls Senior (synthetic Leather) 4) 03 Nos. Hand Balls Junior (synthetic Leather), 5) 01 Nos. Storage Box lockable (89*60*42 cm), GI Sheet 26 Gauge, Lockable, 2 Handles, two padlocks), 6) 03 Nos. Powder Chalk (Powder, Standard Quality), 7) 02 Nos. Referee Whistle (Steel, with ribbon, china), 8) 02 Nos. Students Slates (27x21cm, double sided), 9) 02 Boxes. Chalks (slate chalks), 10) 01 Nos. Measuring Tape (16ft), 11) 01 Nos. T Shirt (Free Size), 12) 02 Nos. Cape (Jeans, Blue Color, Emboss Print).
Student kit for recreational activities will include 1) 02 Nos. Football (Junior) (Synthetic Leather), 2) 04 Nos. Frisbee (Standard Size, Plastic, Made by Fresh Material), 3) 01 Nos. Basket Ball (Inflate to 7-9 LBS, 06=5-.6ber /500-600hpa), 4) 05 Nos. Sponge Rubber Ball (Standard Size, Made in China), 5) 02 Nos. Wali Ball (Standard Size, Synthetic Leather), 6) 01 Nos. Wali Ball net (32x3, Para shot, 12 box, 777), 7) 04 Nos. Skipping Rope Standard size with handle)
Activity 1.1.3 : For teachers to achieve its maximum potential, it must be harnessed and implemented teaching techniques properly. This requires that the teacher, possess a certain set of knowledge and skills to understand how and when various tools best support their curricula. Unfortunately, many teachers aren’t provided with proper training before joining teaching force or they are not provided with refresher courses. During the complex emergency in the areas, Government schools teacher’s professional growth equally affected. They were not in teaching practices for about a decade. The proposed project will provide training on CFS, life-skill based education and psychosocial support to the targeted Government school teachers. The training program will focus on development of teacher’s knowledge and skills to best use various tools for creating of CFS, inculcating life skill in students and providing effective psychosocial support services to the students. The project will organize 2 days 5 training workshops for 112 (50% female and 50% male) teachers. Prior to the training workshops, approval from Agency Education Office will be granted. The training will be planned in such a manners that student’s educational activities are not affected.
Activity 1.1.4 : In the resultant conflict in Orakzai Agency most of the Taleemi Islahi Jirga (TIJs) are either non-functional or nor fully active. In the current scenario where Government and humanitarian organizations are struggling for the restoration of education facilities in the areas, the role of TIJs cannot be over sighted. TIJs cannot only double these efforts but also sustain these developments. The proposed project will initiate re-activation of TIJs in the 80 targeted schools (50% girls and 50% boys).

In addition, to strengthen the capacity of TIJ, CRDO will conduct training to the 80 targeted schools (50% girls and 50% boys). For this purpose, CRDO will conduct 14 training 2 days workshops to 448 (50% female and 50% male) members on various topics. These topics will be selected in consultation with Agency Education Office according to the needs of the TIJs.








Explanation of changes if any

As the project was proposed for only Lower Orakzai Agency but after the assessment and with mutual coordination with Agency Education Department some of the schools were also covered in Central Orakzai Agency.

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